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More than just - skiing! 

Max can’t remember which came first, the skis or the camera; it’s inconsequential since he never has one without the other. Born with a vivid imagination and a talent for adapting, Max is a creative traveler who never leaves home without his headlamp. He is known for his 'shortcuts' which often end up taking more time, but are always more scenic for Max who is a sucker for good a view, especially at dusk. Max loves documenting his adventures with friends whether playing in the mountains or at sea. His aptitude for capturing souls and creating art is a savant skill that can not be taught. Likewise, his fondness for icy, cruddy, crusty snow might be a mania that can not be cured. When he isn’t chasing obscure lines, he is blissfully riding the waves of life around the globe with his young family.



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